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April 13th–17th, 2016 / Bucharest / Cinema Elvire Popesco / the 5th Edition

The Childhood of a Leader, with Bérénice Bejo and Robert Pattinson, closing Cinepolitica 2016

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The Childhood of a Leader, the directing debut of the actor Brady Corbet, a British-Hungarian-French, that won two awards at the Venice Film Festival in 2015, will be closing the fifth edition of the Cinepolitica International Film Festival (13th-17th of April, Bucharest, Elvire Popesco Cinema).

With a lot creative courage, American director Brady Corbet weaves in a unique way, on the background of the Paris Peace Treaty, a story that sets out to be a true psychoanalysis of the main character, a little boy plagued by demons of his time which will turn him into a future dictator. The film has sparked a lot of controversy with its unique approach, courage being asked from the spectator. Stars like Robert Pattinson (Water for Elephants, Maps to the Stars), Bérénice Bejo (The Artist) and Stacy Martin (Nymphomaniac) are part of the film’s cast. The film has won two very important awards at the Venice Film Festival: the trophy for Debut and the Orizzonti award for directing, in the avant-garde section of the prestigious festival.

Inspired by the childhood of several XXth Century dictators, the film is a menacing portrait of Evil coming to life. The screenplay is inspired by Jean-Paul Sartre’ short story “L’Enfance d’un chef”, published in 1939.
The Childhood of a Leader is a work that has a lot of experimental elements and a powerfull and dissonant soundtrack composed by the legendary and controversial musician Scott Walker, also knwon for his collaboration with Pulp, Sunn O))) and Bat for Lashes.

Bauer/ People vs. Fritz Bauer (d. Lars Kraume), a film about the condemnation of the third Reich, will be opening the fifth edition of the Cinepolitica International Film Festival.
The festival’s competition is comprised of 7 new films, that have strong messages on current political subjects: The Fool/Durak (d. Yuriy Bykov, Rusia), Brother Dejan/ Brat Deyan (d. Bakur Bakuradze, Rusia - Serbia), Rabin, The Last Day (d. Amos Gitai, Israel-Franța), Made in France: Inside the Cell (d. Nicolas Boukhrief, Franța), The White Knights/ Les Chevaliers Blancs (d. Joachim Lafosse, Belgium, France, 2015), Honey Night/ Medena nok (d. Ivo Trajkov, Macedonia) și Memories of the Wind (d. Özcan Alper, Turkey-Germany-France-Georgia).
The Cinepolitica competition can be found here: http://cinepolitica.ro/en/2016/competitie
Organised by the Culture and Image Association, Cinepolitica International Film Festival is sponsored by the National University of Theatre and Cinematographic Arts „I.L. Caragiale” (UNATC) and by the National Arts University (UNArte). The event is financed by the National Centre of Cinematography (CNC).
Institutional partners: The Romanian Cultural Institute, the Romanian Cinematographers’ Union, the French Institute, British Council, the Wallonie-Bruxelles Delegation.
Supported by: Radio România Cultural, RFI România
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You can find us on: www.cinepolitica.ro | Facebook: www.facebook.com/cinepolitica.filmfestival


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