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April 13th–17th, 2016 / Bucharest / Cinema Elvire Popesco / the 5th Edition

Corruption Russian style and child adbduction in the 2016 Cinepolitica programme

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Cinepolitica International Film Festival is coming back from the 13th the 17th of April, at the Elvira Popescu Cinema for its fifth edition. This is year also Cinepolitica will bring you carefully selected films, shocking and powerfull, but also debates and special events. Each year, Cinepolitica aims, through the help of the art of cinema, to reveal to the audience the mechanisms and political motivations that affect us all. The festival’s international competition includes a relevant selection of recent feature films from all over the world that approach, in a specific manner, the political area and its implications. Durak/ The Fool (d. Yuriy Bykov), an intense social drama that comes from a profoundly corrupted Russia and The White Knights/ Les Chevaliers Blancs (d. Joachim Lafosse), a film based on a real story that shook France in 2007, are part of the competition for the fifth edition of the Cinepolitica International Film Festival. Durak/ The Fool is directed, written and edited by Yuriy Bykov, a young Russian director, that drew the attention of the press since 2013, when he showcased at Cannes his second feature film, The Major/ Mayor, where he also plays one of the supporting roles. His third film, Durak/ The Fool (2014, Rusia), faces an idealist plumber with a bureaucratic system that is so corrupt that it jeopardises not only the plumber’s life but also the lives of 800 other people. The film is considered a metaphore of a system on the verge of collapse after dozens of years of corruption and missmanagement. In 2007, the members of the French NGO Zoe’s Arc tried to smuggle out of Chad over 100 children, that would later be adopted by French families. The 103 children, abducted at the Chad-Sudan border and almost sent to Paris under the pretext of sanitary evacuation, were recovered by the police from Abeche, just prior to their boarding of the plane. The White Knights/Les Chevaliers Blancs (2015, Belgium-France), directed by the Belgian director Joachim Lafosse, is inspired by this case and, just like his previous feature film, is inspired by real events. Lafosse doesn’t try to present to his viewers the absolute truth, but rather he adopts a neutral position: the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and the NGO volunteers are presented as good people, but overcome by the events and later blinded by their feelings. *** Organised by the Culture and Image Association, Cinepolitica International Film Festival is sponsored by the National University of Theatre and Cinematographic Arts „I.L. Caragiale” (UNATC) and by the National Arts University (UNArte). The event is financed by the National Centre of Cinematography (CNC). Institutional partners: The Romanian Cultural Institute, the Romanian Cinematographers’ Union, the French Institute, British Council, the Wallonie-Bruxelles Delegation. You can find us on: www.cinepolitica.ro | Facebook: www.facebook.com/cinepolitica.filmfestival


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