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April 13th–17th, 2016 / Bucharest / Cinema Elvire Popesco / the 5th Edition

Special screening

Interactive debate with special guests on terrorism and migration in Europe
A pressing subject, discussed in the 5th edition of the Cinepolitica festival through three films in the international competition (more information can be found here, in Romanian) and an interactive debate.

Saturday, the 16th of April, after the screening of Made in France: Inside the Cell (d. Nicolas Boukhrief) - which tells the story of an independent journalist who decides to investigate the phenomenon of young French men joining extremist Islamic forces by infiltrating himself into a jihadist cell - there will take place an interactive debate on terrorism and migration in Europe. Jounalist Liviu MihaiuDumitru Borțun, doctor in philosophy and lecturer at the Faculty of Communications and Public Relations of the National School of Political and Administrative Studies in Bucharest (SNSPA) and historian Adrian Niculescu will take part. 
Survival or public service? Mikó Imre and the Security
Directed by: 
Domokos János
​This film deals with adaption, accommodation and coexistence with the system. In the centre of the film is Mikó Imre, a man of extraordinary quality. Between 1940 and 1944, Mikó was a parliamentarian. In 1944, he was taken to the Soviet camp as a war prisoner, where he became an antifascist activist. He was politically and socially rehabilitated in 1970, when he became an editor at the Kriterion Publishing House.
He was always considered an outstanding personality, one of the opinion leaders of the Hungarian minority in Transylvania. Why has he become an informer? Is it possible that his collaboration was determined not only by his own  life strategy, but also by his intent to exert political influence?
The film raises questions, and the protagonists give different answers.


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