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April 20th–23rd, 2017 / Bucharest / Cinema Elvire Popesco / the 6th Edition


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Cinepolitica International Film Festival is dedicated to films with predominantly political themes (both feature and short films, fiction and documentary films), reunited under the slogan "We make no politics other than the politics of cinema". With an original and innovative concept, Cinepolitica is the festival which reveals to the audience, by using the art of cinema, the political mechanisms and motivations that leave their mark on all of us. The International Competition of the festival showcases a relevant selection of recent feature-length films, from all over the world, which approach, in a specific manner, the area of politics and its implications. The films are evaluated by an International Jury comprising reputable experts on cinema or history and politics, who decide the awards, including the Cinepolitica Trophy. The special, non-competitive programs include thematically grouped films, present major personalities of today’s world, analyse controversial topics, launch challenges and incite debates.

"Perhaps none of the arts is so intimately connected to politics as cinema. The mass appeal of cinema has converted it into an effective instrument for manipulation since the very early days of its existence. Why do we need a political film festival? The important achievements of cinema worldwide prove that good films implicitly hold political information and contain a political attitude. A film festival focused on political cinema assumes the task of opening a window towards the problems facing our world today and of revealing the obscure parts of the political machinery on which information is scarce and the public awareness low. A better knowledge may generate an appropriate attitude. An artist is essentially a free person, who often comes in conflict with the power of authority. Remarkable films have often been mutilated or banned altogether by censorship, and their authors persecuted. Our festival is also an act of recognition, acknowledging the courage of filmmakers worldwide whose work speaks of truth and conveys universal values." (Copel Moscu, festival director)


National Centre of Cinematography
Ministry of Culture and National Identity
The Romanian Cultural Institute
The French Institute in Bucharest
The Romanian Cinastes' Union