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April 20th–23rd, 2017 / Bucharest / Cinema Elvire Popesco / the 6th Edition

The King Who Tricked Hitler, a documentary about King Michael I of Romania, in the Cinepolitica 2017 competition

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With the occasion of the 90 years anniversary of the enthronement of Prince Michael, the Cinepolitica International Film Festival (20th – 23rd of April, “Elvira Popescu” Cinema) will screen for the first time in Bucharest the historical documentary The King Who Tricked Hitler (d. Trevor Poots), narrated by Marcel Iures. This is one of the last and greatest untold stories of the Second World War, revealed by the last surviving Chief of State, King Michael I of Romania. “We took the train to Berlin to see the other side of the coin and we had lunch with Hitler. It wasn’t an enjoyable meeting.” It is the story of a King’s decision who, in a critical moment of the Second World War, relinquished Germany’s support, guiding Romania towards the Allies, thus bringing about a quicker end to the war. It is a story of palatial intrigues. And a story of deceptions. From Buckingham Palace to Bucharest. From Moscow to Washington. Lost diplomatic signals, aristocrat spies and blackmail at gun point. And the courage of a young king who dared. Romania, at the outbreak of the Second World War, was a very young nation, with an age of only 20 years.

Also screened in the film festival’s competition is The Apprentice (d. Junfeng Boo), a film that was screend in the Un Certain Regard section of the Cannes Film Festival whose psychological realism is shiver-inducing. The story follows the immersion of a young officer in the Malaysian disturbing correctional system. Transferred to a supermax prison as a guard, Aiman will become, through unforseen events, the apprentice of Rahim, the prison’s head executioner. This experience whil change the young man’s life and will bring him closer to Rahim’s dark past which binds the two in a most cruel way to a painful event: the death of Aiman’s father. The film’s story is all the more interesting as, recently, in the same Asian country, a Romanian citizen was condemned to death.

Another disturbing and troubling film that will be screened in the competition is Human Harvest (d. Leon Lee). The documentary is based on two Nobel Prize nominees about how the hospitals in China, through killing thousands of prisoners that oppose the system (members of an enigmatic cult and of an alternative faith system, Falun Gong) harvest and sell organs in the Occident.
Cinepolitica will take place between the 20th and 23rd of April, with screenings taking place at the Elvira Popescu cinema in Bucharest. Its competition gathers seven of the newest political films and documentaries. Among these are Chez Nous (d. Lucas Belvaux), a film that is very actual in its treatment of the ascension of the far right within the European Union, Putin Forever (d. Kiril Nenashev), a brave documentary about the 2011 – 2012 Russian protests, Beyond The Mountains and Hills (d. Eran Kolirin), a carefully crafted and excellently acted drama about PTSD-diagnosed army men that was called by critics an Israeli American Beauty, and Clash (d. Mohamed Diab), an experiment based on an overwhelming psychological pressure that focuses on a prisoner transport caught in the middle of the Arab Spring that generates a conflict of characters, mentalities and ideologies that makes it a rarity in contemporary cinema.

The Best Film Award (the Cinepolitica Trophy), worth 2500 euros, will be awarded by the Romanian Cultural Institute.

Cinepolitica International Film Festival will take place between the 20th and 23rd of April, at the Elvira Popescu cinema in Bucharest.
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Cinepolitica International Film Festival is financed by the National Center for Cinematography.
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